What we do

Petpals offers daily visits, dog walks, overnights, geriatric pet care, and also medication administration.

Petpals has provided pet sitting services to clients since 2006.

We are serving Central Phoenix, Arcadia, downtown Phoenix, North Central. Petpals is always accepting new clients.

We are bonded & insured. References are available.

At Petpals, we know how much your animals mean to you...they are part of your family! We know that it isn't easy to leave them, and so we treat your pets with love and compassion, just as you do. Petpals is committed to providing high-quality, professional, responsible care to your beloved pets!

What we offer

  • In-Home Visits
    We visit your home 1-3 times a day, providing attention, play-time, exercise, feeding, and other services.
  • Overnight Care
    We can stay in your home with your pet overnight if you have to be away. An overnight stay is usually from 6pm-6am the next day.
  • Other Special Services
    We can deliver pet food and supplies on an as needed basis. We are experienced with geriatric care and chronic illness in pets. Petpals as a value add will also pick up the mail and water plants.


Pet Care Tips

It is important to take your pet for regular visits to the veterinarian for vaccinations, parasite control, dental exam, and health screenings. Please always spay and neuter your dogs or cats. This has health benefits for your pet, and also cuts down on the number of unwanted pets. Help your pet maintain a healthy weight by feeding based on age, weight and lifestyle. Give you pets mental stimulation, daily walks, play-time, and animal-appropriate toys. NEVER give your pets medicines made for humans. It is a good idea to microchip your pets in case they get lost.

Any Question?

Call Us Today: 602 380 6102
We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our services, or about pets in general. We love animals, and would love the opportunity to be a pal to your pet when you have to be away. Call us today for more information about Petpals!